With the help from H J Mallett & Co who donated the very first studio mobile home and funds from the Hospital League of Friends and a handful of volunteers Hospital Radio Lynn soon became very popular with the patients of the then General Hospital, St James Hospital (where the studio was located), Hardwick Road Hospital and Chatterton House.

After several studio changes and the building of the current Queen Elizabeth Hospital, our studio was moved to this location in 1980.

Again, with the help of the Hospital League of Friends and the Hospital Trust we were given a brand new portacabin, so we promptly built our studio and were soon broadcasting from its new location.

In 1998 the current building was slowly deteriorating and our members had over the years tried to raise enough funds to build a permanent home, we then applied for a National Lottery Grant, which was rejected first time round, but we re-applied and was successful in getting £84,100 and again with the generous help from the Hospital League of Friends & the Trust our new studio was built and in September 2000 it was officially opened by Mrs Pam Thrower & Dot Richardson who had over the years been great supporters of our organisation.