In 2013 Hospital Radio Lynn were pleased to announce BBC Radio Norfolk’s Nick Conrad as our Patron.

Nick joined Anna Greyson for an interview in 2013 during Hospital Radio Lynn’s Broadcasting Marathon and was later asked by the Trustees if he would consider becoming the organisations patron. Nick graciously accepted and supports Hospital Radio Lynn in a number of ways including opening events, providing training through workshops and generally supporting it through various ways such as publicity. We are thrilled to have Nick on board.

It is a great honour to be the Patron of Hospital Radio Lynn. The work they do at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and local community is outstanding.

Nick Conrad

Nick Conrad is a presenter with BBC Radio Norfolk who hosts the current affairs programme that ‘gets the county talking’ on a weekday between 9am – 12 noon. Whilst he has never broadcast on Student of Hospital Radio, his career started at the young age of 14 in Norwich. He was broadcasting Sports Bulletins for random radio stations across the UK making him the youngest radio professional in the country at the time.

He progressed to reading the news and then went across to Radio Broadland (which is now known as Heart FM) which is where he started doing music radio. He later worked for LBC and has appeared on Sky News Sunrise, This Morning, News Night Review and the Alan Tichmarsh Show. Nick and his team at BBC Radio Norfolk won the EDF 2010 Current Affairs Programme of the Year Award.